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Chocolate, our way

Whether you’re after a lunch box treat or a late afternoon nibble, here are three tasty things that set our delicious chocolate snacks apart. 


No refined sugar 

We don’t use refined sugar. In fact, creating great tasting chocolate without it was one of our founding principles. 

Horrified by the staggering levels of glucose-spiking, refined sugars or worse, the synthetic sweeteners, that we found in our beloved classics we felt compelled to find a better way. To achieve that irresistible deliciousness naturally.  

Our chocolate gets its sweetness from a combination of coconut sugar and natural superfood sweeteners. Derived from the sap of coconut palm trees, unrefined coconut sugar undergoes minimal processing which means it retains all its inherent goodness.  

Using these natural beauties enables us to achieve a uniquely low amount of natural sugar per product too, just 5-7g per bar compared to the usual 20g refined sugar whoppers. It also means our chocolate has a lower glycaemic index, resulting in a slow and steady effect on blood sugar levels. 


A lot more fibre 

Gut health is a hot topic and the role that fibre plays in supporting our gut biome is becoming more understood. However, on average adults typically consume just 18g of fibre per day, versus the recommended intake of 30g per day. Our products contain significantly more fibre than the mainstream usuals, typically 7 x more per chocolate bar.   

Natural in source and prebiotic in nature the fibre we choose to use is soluble, so it dissolves in our systems. This means it supports and promotes digestive health by aiding digestion of sugars and carbohydrates in a slow and gentle way, avoiding glucose spikes or inflammation. So, you can enjoy a little chocolate knowing it’s supporting your gut too.  


Exceptional quality 

We have developed our own unique (top secret) recipes and work with trusted suppliers who provide premium ingredients which do not damage the people producing them, the people eating them, or the planet. Everything we make is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards set by our co-founder, Sameer, who brings his original expertise as a chef to ensure exceptional quality. 

We use natural wonder-like superfoods like Raw Lucuma, Baobab, Coconut Oil and Chicory Root for delicious little pops of fibre, nutrients and sweetness and say no to gluten, dairy and palm oil, responsibly sourced or not.  


“All the items are delicious and there's lots of variety. They're not overly sweet. No need for milk in chocolate anymore. Come on Cadbury's, Nestle etc - sit up and take note!” - Shelagh B