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Prebiotic Fibre

It's widely recognized that a diet rich in fibre benefits our physical and mental wellbeing. But typically, adults consume just 20g or less each day, rather than the recommended 30g. So, here are 3 cheeky little hacks we like to use to keep our bodies happy.*  


Choose soluble  

Soluble fibre is a type of dietary fibre that blends with water when your body breaks down food. It can help to regulate digestion, maintain stable blood sugar levels and improve nutrient absorption. Additionally, soluble fibre is known for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels and contribute to colon health, gut biome health and overall wellbeing. 

Some great seasonal sources of this kind of fibre are figs, Brussels sprouts, pears, apples and artichokes. 


Celebrate seeds 

Seeds can be a rich source of both soluble and insoluble fibre. For example, just one tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5 grams of soluble fibre.  

We like to create our own homemade mixes to add to smoothies or salads and then rotate them every few weeks. Our favs are sunflower, flax and chia seeds in a jar, rotated every two weeks with pumpkin, sesame and hemp. 


Chew longer 

Chewing plays a crucial role in the digestive process. When we chew our food thoroughly, we're helping it get processed more efficiently in our stomach's chemical digestion system. 

The action stimulates the production of stomach acids and increases saliva production. The enzymes in saliva break down carbohydrates and aid the absorption of minerals and nutrients. 

Chewing can also make us feel fuller for longer and encourage more mindful eating habits. 


We've thoughtfully formulated our products to taste delicious while also including significantly more fibre than the usuals. Our chocolate bars typically contain 7 times more fibre than the average chocolate bar, and our biscuits provide 3.7 grams per serving. 

Our products mimic the behaviour of fruit from a digestive perspective. All fruit has natural sugar (fructose) but also lots of pectins in the flesh and skin, which is all fibre. This fibre dissolves in our digestive systems and aids the slower digestion of sugars and carbohydrates, helping prevent glucose spikes. Chocolate that acts like an apple. Cool, huh 


*The hacks shared here are not a substitute for medical advice. Before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet, it's important to consult your doctor for guidance.