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Carbon / Climate Neutrality

Because all our products are 100% plant based they have a low carbon footprint, compared to most mainstream chocolate brands. As a business we tread as lightly as possible, managing our energy consumption with annual reduction targets, recycling and upcycling as much as possible and using only green energy supply. However, we always want to do more to limit our impact on the environment. So, in February 2021 Prodigy signed up to work on establishing and off-setting its product-based carbon footprint, with Climate Partner.

We worked with our suppliers and Climate Partner to calculate the carbon footprint for our products.  Since we began our offsetting initiatives, we have now offset over 300 tonnes of carbon.  Through Climate Partner we are supporting a rainforest protection project in Madre de Dios, Peru which is the country of origin for much of the cacao we use in our bars. The farmers in Peru engage in regenerative farming practices meaning our cacao is grown with sustainability in mind and helps to regenerate the soil, (not exploitative farming that leads to deforestation and local community damage). The cacao we source from the Dominican Republic is Fairtrade.

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