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Gut health

Our digestive systems are often called our ‘second brains’. Many of us feel things “in our gut”, so a healthy digestive system is key to emotional wellbeing. Fibre has a vital part to play in supporting good gut health, however adults typically only consume on average 18g of fibre per day versus the recommended intake of 30g per day. Our bars have significantly more fibre per bar than mainstream chocolate bars, typically 7 x more fibre than the average – but important to note that all this fibre is SOLUBLE fibre as opposed to Insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is good for our gut health in a different way - common in foods like wholewheat, green vegetables, and some breakfast cereals – these fibres contain “roughage” and help us poop! The soluble fibre contained in our products is not solid, and hence dissolves in our system. It is all natural in source and prebiotic in nature, supporting and promoting much improved digestive health by aiding digestion of sugars and carbohydrates in a slower and gentler way. This prevents the glucose spikes associated with consuming refined sugars and carbohydrates, which cause inflammation within our bodies. All of this in turn leads to better food choices, better metabolic health and better mental health.

Since Prodigy bars went on sale in Jun 19, up to May 2023 we have added almost 9 million grams or 9 Tonnes of prebiotic fibre to the diet of our community! 

READ MORE about how Prodigy is tackling two important issues: food waste and healthy nutrition for those in need.


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