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Say No to Refined Sugar

Busy lives mean that many of us eat and drink on the go. However, a hidden enemy refined sugar is everywhere in the packaged food and drink industry. Science now shows us that consuming high sugar products leads to sugar spikes - aka glucose spikes. Wild fluctuations in blood glucose levels as a result of these spikes cause chemical reactions within the body resulting in symptoms like morning sluggishness, brain fog, anxiety and ultimately a negative impact on our mental health. Excess sugar also leads to inflammation of the gut and wider body which as we now know, is the root cause of most disease.

Excessive sugar consumption is one of the key contributors to obesity and related health conditions such as type 2 diabetes. The toxicity of heavily processed refined sugars is a major issue for us, and we are committed to promoting the reduction of refined sugars within the food industry. Our bars are free from refined sugar and typically contain less than half the sugar of a mainstream chocolate bar. We only use natural sugar combined with other natural superfood sweeteners which enables us to achieve a level of just 5-7g per bar (without the use of artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or polyols), which we believe is an industry first! This also means that the glycaemic index of all our products is considerably lower than the mainstream brands. No sugar spikes and no sugar crashes, means less inflammation in the body and better food choices every day. 

Since Prodigy bars went on sale in June 2019, up to June 2023 we have reduced almost 21,000KG of refined sugar from our community. 

READ MORE about our compostable packaging & why single-use plastic is no longer fit for purpose. 


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