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A Prodigy Promise

As the mother of two teenage girls, I am acutely aware of the impact social media can have on our mental and physical health. So, when it came to Prodigy’s online presence I was adamant that we needed to set some guidelines from the very start. 

Much like the beauty industry, the food industry is rife with misinformation and potentially harmful narratives. I want to ensure that as a brand we never knowingly contribute to this and better than that, we help to change it.  

Here is our promise to you,  




We will be honest and transparent in the way we talk about our products and our purpose. If we make a mistake or get something wrong online or in person, we will own our mistake and apologise. 



We will create and share as much of our own original content as possible and will never intentionally misrepresent other people’s work as our own. If we work with external agencies or individuals, we will name and champion them when and where appropriate.  



We will foster a kind and positive environment online. We will never intentionally create or post anything that could inspire hate speech or violence. If we witness disrespectful communication or behaviour within our community, we will remove it or respond appropriately. 



We want to inspire positive action and choice in a way that leaves our followers feeling informed, empowered and motivated not guilty, or bad. Toxic positivity and shame-based messaging is rife in our industry and beyond. We don’t believe in it and intend to play no part in the narrative. 



We will never intentionally communicate in a way that could be perceived as judgemental, or discriminatory and will use approachable language which encourages open discussion. Our chocolate is for everybody, our aim is that our online behaviour reflects this inclusive ethos too. 



We will create and nurture a respectful, empathetic online space. Our community is diverse, we respect the differences between us and will never intentionally do anything which might cause offence or distress. 



The journey we are on is about we, not me. We are open to collaborations with those who share the same values as us and take care to ensure this is the case. We would never intentionally work with an organisation, or individual who does not represent this or is in conflict with it.  



We will carefully consider our activity on social media. We will think about the way certain content might be perceived and its potential impact. We will be particularly mindful of children, young people and those who are vulnerable and will never intentionally cause harm.