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"Being Mortal" Atul Gawande  

A sensitive and profound exploration of the intersection between medicine and the human experience of mortality. A practising surgeon, Atul Gawande delves into the complexities of ageing, terminal illness, and end-of-life care with great insight. 

Drawing on personal anecdotes, patient stories, and research findings, he challenges the conventional medical approach to prolonging life at all costs and advocates for a more compassionate, patient-centred approach that prioritises quality of life. 

Gawande's writing is poignant and thought-provoking, prompting readers to reconsider attitudes towards ageing and death. Through vivid storytelling and compelling arguments, he emphasises the importance of open communication, shared decision-making, and the preservation of dignity for individuals facing life-limiting illnesses. 

The book offers invaluable insights and prompts much-needed conversations about how we approach the end of life in our society. It's a captivating read.