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Buy Women Built

We’re thrilled to have been welcomed into the vibrant and empowering Buy Women Built community recently, so wanted to share the vision and mission behind this inspiring organisation.  

“Not everyone can invest in female founders. Not everyone can mentor female founders, but we can all buy from them.” - Jacqueline de Rojas CBE 

During lockdown, Sahar Hashemi OBE (of Coffee Republic fame) stumbled across this tweet and spotted a problem. How could people buy from women-built brands if they didn’t know what they were? Recognizing the need to showcase these amazing businesses, she decided to team up with marketing expert Barny Macaulay to create a new movement dedicated to spotlighting female-founded and directing consumer purchase power there.  

Historically women have been significantly underrepresented in entrepreneurship. According to the Alison Rose 2022 Review women in the UK are starting new companies at a higher rate than men for the first time, but there is still a significant gender gap in entrepreneurship with more than 1 million fewer women-led businesses in the country compared to men. Additionally, a troubling finding from the report was that 80 per cent of individuals between the ages of 11 and 18 could not name a single female entrepreneur. 

A key aspect of the Buy Women Built movement is enhancing visibility. Amplifying female-founded brands to empower current entrepreneurs, whilst inspiring an upcoming generation of girls to aim higher. They believe that as these female dreams expand, the economy grows stronger and fairer.  

To help consumers easily identify and support female-founded/co-founded businesses like ours, BWB has created a kitemark for approved brands to feature on their products and marketing. It's astounding to see the abundance of remarkable women-led businesses spanning sectors such as food, fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty and more, once you delve into them. From established brands like Childs Farm to newer innovations like Re:Nourish. 

Click here to explore Buy Women Built and discover how many brilliant products are already part of your daily life.