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Inulin Unpacked

We purposely include soluble fibre in the recipe of every snack that we make. The fibre we use in our Chocolate Bars, Bites and Eggs is derived from Chicory Root and is called Inulin.  


Inulin is a prebiotic. It sidesteps digestion in our stomachs and lingers in our system, particularly around our intestines. This means it helps the good bacteria in our gut to flourish and supports our body’s digestive health. 


Another brilliant thing about inulin is that it slows down the absorption of sugar into our bloodstream and helps us feel fuller for longer. By including it in our chocolate, we avoid the classic glucose spikes associated with mainstream snacks and achieve a lower glycaemic index. So, you don’t experience that post-snack energy slump or craving. 


Our bodies and biomes are as unique as fingerprints. What suits one person might not suit another, so it's always advisable to carefully examine product labels for any sensitivities you may have.