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March is B Corp month

B Corp month starts today, so we thought we’d take five to tell you why we make Chocolate, only better.

First things first, what is a B Corp exactly? 

It’s a global movement of people and companies using business as a force for good. Putting social and environmental concerns ahead of shareholder profits, adhering to strict standards of transparency and accountability and being a catalyst for change.

Becoming a B Corp was always a fundamental part of our plan and in November 2021, after a rigorous application process we were delighted to be certified. Certification is an ongoing commitment so every time we source an ingredient, make a new product, or plan an activity we evaluate it against the B Corp principles and hold ourselves accountable to them.

But how does all that relate to choc?

Having experienced the damaging impact of large-scale food manufacturing on our environment and our bodies, Neena and Sameer were inspired to create a brand that would challenge the sickly industry norm and demand better. Prodigy was founded on a passion for food, a love for the planet and a deep desire for positive change.

By choosing to make delicious, sustainably sourced, real chocolate the way that we do we are setting new standards. Demonstrating that tasty treats and snacks don’t need to compromise people or planet.

Ok, I am sold. How can I support the B Corp movement?

By buying B Corp brands you can use your purchase power as a force for good. If as consumers we say no to refined sugar packed, planet destroying snacks then the industry will be forced to implement change. Positive change that will benefit all, which is exactly what the B Corp movement is all about. We over me and people over profits, working together for better.

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