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My love affair with chocolate

As a child, I never ate sweets or candy; chocolate was always my go-to treat. Growing up in Hong Kong, my mum used to covet the much-loved Cadbury Dairy Milk, and I remember my dad's eyes lighting up when he found a bar (or two) to enjoy after dinner. These childhood memories laid the groundwork for my lifelong love of this delicious treat. 

To me, chocolate is intricately woven into the fabric of pleasure, serving, I suppose, as my initial source of a dopamine rush. Those moments of unwrapping a bar, the eager anticipation, and the indulgent taste marked my earliest encounters with a sensation so comforting and delightful that each bite felt like a little burst of happiness. Chocolate wasn't just a flavour; it was an emotion, an instant mood lifter, and a connection point. 

This belief in chocolate's ability to spark delight and build connections is one of the reasons why I started making my unique version in collaboration with my wife Neena. Recognising how the classics we once cherished had been transformed into excessively high-sugar confectionery, we felt compelled to act. To restore chocolate to its ‘Gift of the Gods’ essence, enabling everyone to enjoy it without guilt or concern about its impact on blood glucose, health, or the environment. To ditch refined sugar, questionable ingredients, harmful plastic packaging and craft a deliciously better cacao-rich indulgence.  

We believe in chocolate's power to drive positive change. Through this worldwide favourite, we can and are drawing attention to some of the challenges we face as a society. By purchasing a product that delivers so much delight, we can all also make a positive impact on our communities and our beloved planet. What better product to use as a vehicle to inspire change? 

Sharing the chocolate we make with my children as we read or watch TV in the evenings fills me with immense joy. It's a simple pleasure that tickles our taste buds, brings us closer and forms cherished memories. In a complicated sometimes disconnected world, I want children and adults alike to enjoy delicious moments just like that.