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“The Hundred-Foot Journey” by Richard C. Morais 

A delightful culinary journey that transcends borders and cultures. This heartwarming novel tells the story of Hassan Haji, a young Indian chef who embarks on a gastronomic adventure that takes him from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the picturesque countryside of France. 

Morais intertwines themes of family, ambition, and the universal language of food. The narrative is as flavourful as the dishes described, immersing the reader in the aromatic world of Indian and French cuisine. With vivid characters and an engaging plot, this book is a delectable treat for passionate foodies and lovers of beautifully told tales. 


“The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan 

A heartfelt journey through the complex relationships of Chinese American women across the years. Through four interconnected stories, Tan paints a vivid tapestry of love, sacrifice and the cultural conflicts that influence the lives of these women and their daughters. 

The narrative weaves between past and present, drawing readers into a world where ancient traditions and contemporary challenges collide. Amy Tan's rich storytelling, nuanced characters and exploration of the complexities of identity create a profound and moving reading experience. It’s a touching novel that lingers long after turning the final page.