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Our packaging

Packaging that wrecks the planet just isn’t our thing. Everything we make is wrapped in compostable, eco-friendly material that not only protects our delicious chocolate but also our world.

The UK’s first plastic negative chocolate bar, each Prodigy product that you decide to buy removes other people’s plastic waste from the environment. Just one chocolate bar stops ten ocean bound wrappers from wreaking havoc on delicate ecosystems.

So, by choosing to enjoy our chocolate you are taking positive action against plastic pollution and environmental damage too.

Our wrappers

Our chocolate eggs are wrapped in recyclable foil and our bars and biscuits are packaged in a compostable material made from plants. When you have finished nibbling you can just pop the wrapper into your compost bin where it will biodegrade into healthy compost, without any nasty microplastics.

The compostable pouches that contain our chocolate bites are supplied by Grounded Packaging. Another B Corp business with its own plastic negative pledge and carbon negative certification, teaming up means we double our impact in this climate critical area.

Our boxes

The cardboard boxes and cartons that we use to package and protect our chocolate bundles, bars and eggs are made from 100% recycled material. We make sure that they are further recyclable too so we can deliver on our circular economy objectives. That’s a fancy way of saying that the cardboard gets reused over and over again, instead of discarded after just one use.

Carbon neutral

All our products are 100% plant-based which means they have a low carbon footprint, compared to most mainstream chocolate brands. Keen to limit our impact on the environment even more, we work with Climate Partner to calculate and offset our product-based carbon footprint.

Through Climate Partner we are supporting a rainforest protection project in Madre de Dios, Peru which is the country of origin for much of the cacao we use in our bars. The farmers in Peru engage in regenerative farming practices meaning our cacao is grown with sustainability in mind and helps to regenerate the soil.

We aim to be carbon net zero by the end of 2023, so watch this space.