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Prodigy People – Queenie

Queen of hearts and design. Our graphic designer extraordinaire Queenie shares four things she loves about working for an impact-driven chocolate brand …

1. Creativity

Before joining Prodigy, I worked for big corporates. Project timelines were long and I found the work uninspiring, focused on endless implementation which left me feeling a bit like a tiny cog in a giant machine.

I enjoy developing ideas and working across a diverse range of things at the same time. Neena and Sameer are true entrepreneurs, happy to put their trust in their team. In this more intimate, independent environment I have far more autonomy and freedom creatively. I get to work across a variety of things, from initial concept to executed design and it feels exciting to be part of such a nimble, innovative organisation.

2. Community

Having spent much of the pandemic working as a freelance designer I was craving connection and interaction with people. I love brainstorming and sharing ideas. I love going to work and although my current commute to Battersea is long, it is worth it for the sense of really feeling part of something.

One of Prodigy’s USPs is ‘People Positive’ which is about making chocolate that is better for all.  Better for our bodies, better for the people involved in making it and better for the wider world. It’s really fulfilling to create designs that help build a community, educate, and inspire people to buy better, take positive action and challenge protocol.

Our office is like a tiny expression of this. We respect, challenge and champion each other, we work together, and we have fun.

3. Impact

When I met Neena and Sameer I was captivated by their passion and commitment to making a healthier, more delicious kind of snack. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their knowledge of food and food manufacturing inspiring.

Coming out of the pandemic and in my late twenties, I was starting to want more from my every day. To spend my time working on projects and designs that mean something and make a real difference. I believe in Prodigy and know from the impact reports I design that what we are making and doing really is changing things for the better.

4. Coconut Cahoots

Working for a company that makes chocolate has its serious perks. My favourite perk has to be all-day access to our Coconut Cahoots bar. I love this bar’s texture and consistency, the delicate balance of desiccated coconut and cacao-rich chocolate. It’s my go-to power through the design list snack!