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The festive season, a little bit like chocolate, comes steeped in tradition and wrapped up in nostalgia. A melting pot of anticipation, expectation and obligation that starts to simmer as soon as the first twinkly light twinkles, or Bublé song drops. 

We come together over cultural customs and familial quirks that delight and frustrate, bond and splinter. Christmas Gifts are bought, feasts are cooked, and a million moods are quietly (or loudly) navigated.  

We make memories. The happy, sad, good, bad, last a lifetime kind. Unconsciously clicking the camera in our mind to snap granny in her wonky paper crown, or dad in his ‘special’ trousers. We freeze the frame and take a picture that turns into a story handed down through generations. 

This festive season just like the last, there will be millions of people in the UK being handed a memory that none of us would want. 4.7 million adults (and counting) struggling to afford to eat every day, regardless of whether that day comes topped in tinsel or not. 2 million children at risk of missing their next meal. Meanwhile, our food industry generates 3 million tonnes of edible, surplus food each year. That’s mountains of food going to waste, instead of nourishing the people who need it.  

Industrial food production has created and continues to create a rotten mess, a mess that through our partnership with The Felix Project you can help to tidy up. A London-based food redistribution charity, The Felix Project rescues high-quality, nutritious food from the food industry and delivers it to charities, primary schools and holiday programmes across the city. They save good food from going to waste and good people from going hungry. 

Every 2 pouches of Daydreamer Gingerbread Caramel Bites that you buy (this festive season and beyond) enables The Felix Project to provide 1 meal to a vulnerable, or disadvantaged person. If you decide to buy a pack of x 10 Daydreamer pouches to gift to family or friends, then you not only provide 5 meals via The Felix Project, but you also save £13 too.  So, it’s a great way of doing your bit to help, while ticking some gifts off the list. 

So far, your support has supplied 6450 meals to those in need. This community of chocolate lovers is creating real, positive change. You are making a real, positive difference.  

So, this season let’s go and make memories. Perhaps, together we can also use the power of our purchases to make a difference too.