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Our chocolate is bespoke and unique to us.

We make products that are naturally delicious and as lightly processed as possible. Our bodies know what to do with and how to utilise natural, unprocessed foods of plant and animal origin (vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish). What our bodies are not designed to do is to process artificial, synthetic and highly processed foods.

With that in mind, we have developed our own unique recipe chocolate that is bespoke to Prodigy. we don’t use refined sugar, or artificial flavourings and keep natural sugar content below 20 percent – without using artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or polyols.  We say no thank you to gluten, dairy, and palm oil (responsibly sourced or not), and are plant based and vegan approved.

We use natural wonder-like superfoods like Raw Lucuma, Baobab, Coconut Oil and Chicory Root for delicious little pops of fibre, nutrients and sweetness. 

READ MORE about our ethically & sustainable sourced ingredients.  


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