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Our packaging is 100% compostable

We know that single-use plastic is a massive problem. Over one billion single-use plastic confectionery wrappers are discarded in the UK every year. That’s almost twenty million wrappers every week that will pollute our environment and food chain for decades.

Our Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg is wrapped in aluminium foil and can be recycled, via your home recycling system. Our bar and biscuit wrappers are home / industrial compostable and fully biodegradable – including all the inks and adhesives used. Once you have finished munching you can just place them into your food or garden waste bin (not your recycling bin) and feel confident that they will biodegrade into compost.  Life isn’t perfect and sometimes things end up in the wrong place. If any of our wrappers decide to go rogue out in the environment, then they will naturally biodegrade over time.

Our pouches are also fully compostable and supplied by the wonderful folk at Grounded  They are also committed to being impact driven and engage in their own plastic clean-up and carbon offsetting initiatives. Hence for every yummy Daydreamer pouch purchased it’s a double whammy on the impact – first by Prodigy and second by Grounded.

The system of collection of compostable materials is not fully set up yet in the UK. We understand that this is set to improve in 2023 with many boroughs introducing a kerbside collection of compostable waste. Many people consider compostable materials to be an inadequate solution because of this, worrying that it may “pollute” the plastic recycling chain. However, we feel the burning of millions of tonnes of CO2 producing fossil fuels to produce plastic, as well as the dire pollution that the afterlife of plastics cause, is a much bigger problem to focus on. Further, whilst the UK has sophisticated recycling systems, there is simply not enough capacity. It is thought that upto 70-80% of plastic waste collected in the UK for recycling, actually ends up being shipped to a number of developing countries with an even lesser ability to recycle, who then end up dumping it in the oceans and rivers.

We are proud to be the UK’s first plastic negative chocolate bar. This means that for every Prodigy chocolate bar sold we fund the removal of ten ocean bound plastic wrappers from the environment.

We feel these are huge steps in the right direction.  

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