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Our partners are people we would take home to meet our mother.

We want to inspire and create positive, lasting change in the food industry and beyond. We are wholeheartedly and honestly committed to this vision, and we won’t compromise on it. Sadly, greenwashing is a thing and it’s a thing we are particularly careful of when partnering up with other organisations or individuals..

Before we commit to working with any new (or existing) partners on issues like carbon offsetting, or plastic pollution we do lengthy research and are fastidiously careful about who we work with. We dig deep to see if they are taking real action, or just making shiny empty promises.

We are currently partnering with:

Climate Partner a globally respected company helping small, medium and large companies to offset their carbon impact with Gold Standard verified projects. Since starting in 2006, just before Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” and the more recent Greta effect, Climate Partner has grown to work with around 5000 businesses, each with a tracking ID number to trace the offset project and the amount of C02 compensated. The Prodigy tracking ID is 15865-2103-1001 with details about our offset project supporting rainforest preservation in Peru here:   Climate Partner 

rePurpose Global who share our passion for reducing the pollution problems of single-use plastic.  Our  Plastic Negative promise means the equivalent of 10 single-use wrappers are removed from the environment for every bar or egg we sell (5 wrappers for each packet of biscuits). Our funding supports plastic recovery in Bekasi, Indonesia via Waste4Change – supporting marginalised workers in local communities to remove ocean and landfill-bound plastic waste.   

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