What makes sugary snacks bad for you? What’s the difference between refined and natural sugar? And how can you replace those nasty sugar slumps with a dose of natural, high-energy? You’re about to find out. 

Difficult to drop, easy to replace 

Sugar is found in many foods and there’s a reason it’s so hard to give up or cut your intake. It has been scientifically proven that this grain of sweetness makes you feel good emotionally, despite the negative effects it can have. Don’t be fooled. There are two vastly distinct types of sugar, natural, the friendly one, and refined, the nasty one. And Prodigy takes the side of lower sugar chocolate snacks that are made with the friendly one. 

Refined vs natural  

Highly processed and originating from sugar cane and sugar beets, the refined strain is loaded with calories, has no real nutritional value, and really doesn’t bring much to the table in the way of benefits. Natural sugars, on the other hand, are found in things like fruit, honey and unsweetened milk. They unsurprisingly offer NATURAL energy, are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream slowly, and help you feel fuller for longer while keeping your metabolism stable. Overall, it sounds like natural sugar knocks it out of the park as the clear winner.  

The nasty secrets of sucrose 

Things look quite different when you digest high levels of sucrose (refined sugar). Your body breaks it down rapidly, causing insulin and blood sugar levels to skyrocket. And since it is digested so quickly, you won’t feel full after your snacking session, regardless of how much you eat. This is CLEARLY a problem. As we all know that the power of the sweet tooth can cloud our judgement. Plus, if you consume too much processed sugar, you may experience negative side effects such as headaches, low energy levels and inflammation of the gut. 

Swapping bad for good 

Dropping the refined for the natural version and picking up a lower sugar chocolate treat has many benefits, including improving the overall quality and depth of your sleep. This is because foods that contain a lot of refined sugar reduce the degree of slow wave sleep, the kind of kipping that consolidates memories and information learned throughout the day. Cutting your intake of refined sugar is also associated with increased energy levels and concentration. 

Snickers VS Prodigy Peanut Caramel Cahoots

Everyone likes a little comparison to make things crystal clear, so here it goes. A Snickers bar includes 21.6 grams of sugar. This means that 25% of the bar is pure sugar. Imagine that. You may as well bunch together a load of sugar cubes and start munching. In contrast, a Prodigy Peanut Caramel Cahoots chocolate bar only includes 8.6 grams of sugar. So, you can now get the same taste as a traditional chocolate bar but with less of the nasties and more of the goodness. It’s half the sugar and double the love. 

Goodbye old school. Hello new wave 

With enough get up and go, it may be time to say goodbye to those old school favourites and opt for healthier, lower sugar chocolate bars. Wave au-revoir to those awful sugar slumps and say hello to a life of feeling more refreshed.  

Find out what half the sugar and double the love really means with our delicious collection of Cahoots chocolate bars. Coconut or Peanut Caramel, where will the day take you? 

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