Is gluten good or bad for you? What are the alternatives? It’s time to explore these questions and dive into the benefits of opting for gluten-free chocolate bars and more. 


Gluten demystified   

Gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale. It is what makes the texture of breads, pasta, and cakes so good. So, without this ingredient, your favourite Italian pizza would lose some of its umph. Rest assured, if you want to give gluten a break and try an alternative, you’re in luck. Gluten-free snacks are not in shortage these days. Why not see which free-from Prodigy treat you’re in the mood for TODAY?  


Good or bad? 

We all know that a balanced and healthy diet makes a difference in how we feel, but what makes up such a diet? And is gluten good, bad or indifferent to your health? Many of us have been in that situation where your friend pulls out a gluten-free sandwich and proudly exclaims that he/she has given up this controversial stuff.  


It’s never that simple 

Interestingly, around 63% of Americans believe that a gluten-free snacks diet is better for your health than one that contains gluten. However, unless you are intolerant to this ingredient, there is no factual evidence to prove that a gluten-free diet is better for you. Gluten is a bit of a tricky one when it comes to what side of the fence it sits on, but one thing is for sure, Coeliacs and many other folks who have an intolerance to gluten should stay well away! Whether it is good or bad for you, gluten-free chocolate bars with oats are there to supply a load of nutrients that will help you in your quest towards a balanced diet. So, go on, check out some of our favourites with the excitement of Prodigy’s variety boxes


Enter the beauty of gluten-free (Prodigy) chocolate  

There are loads of snacks out there that swap traditional gluten with something a little more unusual. Prodigy chocolate bars, for one, are packed with gluten free oat grains from the Avina Sativa plant. Now what are the benefits of the tasty little oat and how are they good for you?  


The power of the mighty oat & more 

Oats are a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants and contribute to a balanced diet. Studies have shown that they have the power to aid weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and contain unique components such as the soluble fibre beta-glucan which can reduce the risk of heart disease by cutting cholesterol levels. On top of this, oats decrease insulin response while upping your feeling of fullness. So, you won’t need to reach for those extra morning or afternoon treats if you opt for a more oaty diet. 


Incidentally inulin  

Prodigy bars also include a powerful ingredient known as inulin that provides a series of health benefits. Extracted from the chicory root, inulin aids digestive health and can increase calcium absorption, bone health, blood glucose management, weight management and energy intake - acting as a friendly probiotic for your gut environment in the process. 


Who said a gluten-free diet couldn’t be so tasty? Discover the power of real ingredients, real flavours and real chocolate with our delicious range of Chunky Chocolate bars. 


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