Snacking doesn’t have to be bad for you. It’s actually a great way to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes. So, if you’re a fan of eating a bit here, there, and everywhere, choosing options is crucial!  

Everyone loves a good... 

Bored at work, we reach for a chocolate bar. Shopping in the supermarket, we pick up an extra bag of crisps. Most of us are hardwired to enjoy that food fix a third, a quarter or halfway through the day. If it’s done right, snacking can improve overall health, give you more energy, regulate mood and even boost brain power - But how can we make sure that our eating habits stay healthy and don’t veer into the land of excess and snack-guilt? 

Healthier snacks for work…  

Enter the beauty of natural sugars, fit for adults and kids who need to avoid those sugar highs and horrendous sugar-slumps that are the direct result of snacks full of refined sugar. So, why not drop that processed sugar for a dose of the natural version with Prodigy Chocolate bars and get the best of both worlds. The opportunity to snack on great tasting food that is low in the bad stuff.  

But hang on! 

Surely sugar is not the only kid on the block worth talking about and what other ingredients contribute to Prodigy being a healthier snack alternative in comparison to a sugar-fuelled Snickers or Bounty?  

Enter inulin 

What we need: the power of fibre  

A top-notch digestive system is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. It helps us break down our food effectively and, in turn, soak up all the benefits from the nutrients that we consume. What ingredients aid a super effective digestion process? Well, the answer lies in consuming the right level of dietary fibre, and this can be achieved through consuming more of an ingredient that many of you have probably not heard of. It’s called inulin and is a member of the dandelion family, packed with all the goodness of sweet tasting fibre. 

Healthier snacks for kids & adults alike. The story of Orafti inulin 

Obscure in name, but powerful in its effect, meet Orafti inulin, the natural plant-based dietary fibres that are extracted from the chicory root. 20 years of nutrition research later, and many scientific studies down the line, we now know for sure that inulin can help with calcium absorption, bone health, blood glucose management, weight management and energy intake.  Inulin keeps you fuller for longer and also provides prebiotics for your digestive health.

A couple of general pointers on how to keep to healthy snacks at work, or anytime:  

  • - WATCH OUT for saturated fats, salts and sugars in your snacks, as well as calorie content and remember to read those food labels with a hawk’s eye. 


  • - Avoid artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols / polyols. Reducing sugar is the goal but choosing snacks with sweeteners is not the answer! They are highly processed chemicals and cause gut distress.


  • - Are you even hungry? Before you reach for that biscuit or bag of goodies, consider this, are you actually hungry. Research has found that if you dial into this question rather than eating in response to your emotions, it’s easier to refrain. 


  • Plan. If you have a routine time that you snack daily, organise what you’re going to indulge in. This will minimise the chances of reaching for the worst options. 


  • - Finally. Choose healthier chocolate snacks with Prodigy! 


Get to know what a more nutritious diet is like with the inulin-inclusive Prodigy variety boxes and give the ultimate vegan chocolate snacks a run for their money.  

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