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Nutritional information

Our nutritional information varies slightly per product, please refer to our product pages for individual information for each product.

Calories per item?

The calories per product varies slightly, please refer to our product pages for individual information for each product. Average perserving = 189 kCal’s.

Where do you source your cacao from?

Bars – Peru
Eggs – Dominican Republic
Biscuits – Dominican Republic

You’re high in fats?

Whilst we are high in saturated fats, the main source of fats in our bars are cocoa butter & coconut oil which have a host of benefits. It’s a good source of vitamin D, and when combined with cocoa powder that’s high in polyphenols, it produces a product that has health-promoting benefits. It may help improve insulin resistance and heart health. Both fats are hi in oleic acids and coconut oil is the original MCT oil.

How are you high in fibre?

Our bars contain an ingredient called Inulin (Chicory Root fibre) which is high in soluble fibre and is prebiotic in nature – which supports gut and overall digestive health with anaverage of 6g of fibre per item in our range.

What are your products sweetened with?

Our products are sweetened naturally with coconut
sugar, lucuma and a small amount of rice syrup.

Isn’t all chocolate plant-based?

All chocolate have ingredients that originate from plants. However, most chocolate also contains dairy which is derived from animals. The difference with Prodigy is that we only use plant-based ingredients in our chocolate, with no animal derived ingredients. Plant-based is a phrase often used to describe foods and other products that are made from ingredients solely derived from plants and contain no animal based products and are thus vegan friendly.

Are your products suitable for coeliacs?

All our chocolate bars are completely gluten free. Our Chocolate Eggs do NOT contain any gluten but are produced in factories that may contain traces of gluten and thus are technically not gluten free. Our biscuits are wheat free, however contain gluten. Please refer to our product pages for individual information for each product.

Are your bars suitable for diabetics?

Being a small business we haven’t as yet performed clinical trials however our bars are sweetened 100% naturally with lucuma fruit, coconut sugar and rice syrup to ensure they’re always refined sugar and artificial sweetener free. We’ve had great feedback from diabetics who eat Prodigy, and its worth pointing out that our bars are high in fibre and have less than 20% sugar content – this means a slower/more gradual release of sugar into the blood stream and thus a lower glycaemic index as compared to mainstream chocolate with refined sugar, glucose syrup, etc. . We encourage everyone to always check with your doctor and please refer to our product pages for individual information for each product.

Are your bars suitable for keto diets?

Depending on the level of restriction you’re following, our range may be able to fit with a keto diet. Please refer to our product pages for individual information for each product.

Soya free?

Yes, our products are 100% soya free.

*Our Cahoots range, Salted Caramel Egg and biscuits are produced in an environment that handles soya, therefore may contain traces of soya.

Are your bars caffeine free?

We minimally process our ingredients so they retain as many nutrients as possible. Cacao nibs naturally contain a small amount of caffeine and we do not remove this. Our Cahoots range also contain Green Tea Extract.

Are you Fairtrade?

We’re passionate about both the planet and its people. So yes, we believe in sourcing ethically and work with trusted suppliers in Peru and the Dominican Republic, paying a premium for high-quality cacao that is traded with fair pricing and with initiatives that support the local communities and cooperative farmers without the imposing costs of international certification. Our Peruvian cacao is grown using regenerative forestry practices and our Dominican Republic cacao is Fairtrade certified.

Do any of your products contain sugar?

Our range is entirely free from refined sugars, we do however use natural sugars to sweeten our products – these include, coconut sugar, lucuma and rice syrup.

Do your products contain nuts?

Only our Roasted Hazelnut bar and Peanut Caramel Cahoots contain nuts, however please be aware that our all our products are manufactured in an environment that handles nuts. Please refer to each of our product pages for specific allergen notices.

Are your products suitable for people with a dairy intolerance?

All of our products are completely dairy free, however we do have to mention that our Cahoots range, Phenomenoms, Salted Caramel bar and Daydreamers are manufactured in an environment that handles dairy. Please refer to each of our product pages for specific allergen notices.

How long do your products last?

Our products have a 12-month shelf life from date of manufacture. All products will display a best before date on the pack.


Do you deliver on weekends or bank holidays?

We are only a small team and orders are not processed on weekends or bank holidays.

What time is your cut off for next day delivery?

Express shipping will need to be selected and orders must be placed before 1.30pm to receive it the next day.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been despatched you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link.

Do you ship internationally?

We are able to deliver Internationally, however, due to customs and surcharges, there is a flat fee of £60 (up to an order value of £200).

Can I cancel my order?

We can accept cancellations if your order has not been shipped yet. Please email enquiries@prodigysnacks.com

My order is for a gift, will it be sent in an unbranded box?

All our orders are shipped in branded boxes unless you have ordered multiple items, our warehousing team will pack these in an eco-friendly box/parcel bag. We always aim to use as little packaging as possible to avoid any excess waste.

What if I am not home to receive the delivery?

Whichever courier service delivering your parcel will share instructions of when they will next attempt a delivery or any further instructions on the whereabouts of your order.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All our boxes are fully recyclable. All our wrappers are NOT recyclable, please do not put them in your recycling bins at home. Our wrappers are in fact biodegradable, please put them in your home composting bin.

Which courier do you use?

We send orders via Evri. You will be notified via email moment your order has been despatched.


Which distributors do you use?

We work with a number of amazing distributors, some of which include: Delicious Ideas, Sysco, Diverse Fine Foods, Epicurium, CLF, Suma, DDC, Airberg Ltd, The Goodness Project, The Vegan Store, Wholefoods IRE, Snacky, The Gorgeous Food Company, Hunt's Food Group, Cotswold Fayre and more. If you do not see a distributor you currently work with and would like further information, please contact enquiries@prodigysnacks.com

Do you provide POS?

Yes, we most certainly do, please get in touch with enquiries@prodigysnacks.com to discuss how we can support sales of our range.

I’m a stockist and want to get in touch about sampling, events and marketing

We love supporting the sales of our range in any way we can. Be it branded POS/marketing materials, events, sampling or sharing content on our social channels please contact enquiries@prodigysnacks.com for more information.

I want to stock your product, how can this be arranged?

This is great news and we would love to hear from you, please contact enquiries@prodigysnacks.com and a member of our team will be in touch to support.


I’m hosting an event and want to get Prodigy involved

Amazing news! Please contact enquiries@prodigysnacks.com with details of your event and what you are looking for ie. Goody bags/leaflets

I’m a blogger, I want to work with Prodigy

We’re flattered and would love to hear from you 😊 Please do send an email to enquiries@prodigysnacks.com with a link to your handles/blog and any ideas of the type of content you would like to create – we are all ears!

We’d love to connect too, follow us - @prodigysnacks and drop us a DM!

I want to write about Prodigy

This is wonderful – thank you! Please contact us on enquiries@prodigysnacks.com and the relevant team member will get back to you to arrange accordingly!

Who should I contact with image requests?

For any stockists/press/collaborations looking for high-res and up to date images, please contact our team at enquiries@prodigysnacks.com and they would be happy to discuss.


What is B Corp?

B Corp’s are business that are said to meet the ‘highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.' Prodigy is proud to be one of the UK’s 800+ B Corps. More information here

How are you carbon neutral?

In partnership with Climate Partners, we have calculated the carbon emissions in all our products, of sourcing our ingredients, production and logistics to and from our warehouse at an average and offset these by funding a rainforest conservation project in Peru. Scan the QR code on the sampling leaflet for more information. Read more about our project here

What is plastic negative?

As a start, our wrappers are 100% compostable but we wanted to go further. In April 2021 we announced a partnership with rePurpose Global to help counter the pollution of plastic and to start clearing up after the big players of the chocolate industry. That means for every single Prodigy bar sold, our funding removes the equivalent of 10 ocean-bound wrappers of plastic waste from the environment. Learn more about our work with rePurpose here

What are the wrappers made of?

Our wrappers are completely compostable. The material is cellulose and carries the NatureFlex brand name - it’s made from sustainably sourced wood pulp and looks like plastic, acts like plastic, but is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Please dispose of your wrappers along with your food or garden waste and NOT in your recycling bin.

How do I dispose of your biodegradable packaging?

Our 'Natureflex' wrappers are certified compostable to the British and European Standard BS EN 13432. These tests involve industrial composting to demonstrate that after 12 weeks no more than 10% of material fragments over 2mm can remain. Here is a video which shows the composting breakdown of Natureflex wrapper material.

Please dispose of your wrapper along with your food or garden waste and NOT in your recycling bin. We recognise not every council supports kerbside collection for composting yet, however new legislation is expected to require all councils to offer biodegradable and compostable collection from the kerbside in 2023. In the meantime, we continue to believe that plastic-free wrappers are a step in the right direction, so please support us by disposing responsibly.

Please note the wrapper for our Salted Caramel Chocolate Egg should be placed in recycling.